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This is exactly what it sounds like, cologne in solid form made with our world famous Southern Tobacco scent. An aromatic blend of Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos, topped with a light sweetness, the aroma will last for hours. And the convenient 2 oz. tin is perfect to leave in your desk drawer or gym bag. Ten shades of amazing, Southern Tobacco Solid Cologne includes a rich, spicy undertone so everyone knows you’re the man in charge.

2 oz.
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beeswax, jojoba oil, essential and/or fragrance oils

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Solid Cologne is…Solid cologne in the fragrance of Barber shop would be fantastic
Ron Dick
Wow! My husband came home from the barber shop and I couldn’t stop sniffing him! I cannot handle any type of chemicals so I was excited to purchase the cologne bar in addition to the Southern Tobacco beard balm. He can wear cologne again after 10 years!
Lona Bremer
This is truly amazing. Smells nice but still very masculine. Smells like sweet tabacco and whiskey.
Been wearing the solid cologne and using the beard oil for almost two years now... a little goes a long way, my wife LOVES’s damn sure well worth the price .. it’s not any “foo foo” corporate crap it smells like it’s supposed to • I’m a grown man and I smell good
My lady buys me a tin for every birthday, holiday, or just because I’m getting low. I use it constantly. I literally can’t express how much I love the scent and to be perfectly honest she does too. I get people asking me all the time: • Uh, may I ask what you’re wearing.” • “Solid Cologne from Warlord Beard Oil. The scent is southern Tobacco, the same as my beard oil.” • “It smells fantastic.” • “Thanks, I love it, you should check them out. Small company, veteran owned, donates to Children’s hospitals. Great all around.” • In Austin, TX, people love hearing that kind of stuff also. • Thank you Warlords! I’ve never been excited about a grooming product until you guys came around.
Christian Hargrove
This solid cologne is great, I’ve gotten so many “wow, you smell great” from random women, I’ve never gotten anything like that from other cologne...if you want to stand out in the crown and not smell like a typical guy, this is the stuff for you!
Moose Danuser
Great stuff. Buying more
Ray Brown
I love this stuff and so do the ladies.

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